Inpeloto (INfinite PEace LOve TOgetherness) is a socially conscious company consisting of artistic expressions in the form of eco-friendly jewelry, accessories, and clothing.

Inpeloto comprises of handcrafted jewelry line called Inpeloto Bella, Jewelry with Conscience™ which integrates a love of poetry into the designs. Inpeloto BodyWear Clothing with Conscience™ are limited edition t-shirts with universal positive symbolic graphics, socially conscious messages for men and women, along with t-shirt bags. It is sustainable clothing made from 100% organic cotton and other eco-friendly fibers.

Wear the change you wish to see.

Business owner, Melissa Michaels is an award-winning author, the face for The Skin Revolution, designer, contributing writer, producer, activist and social entrepreneur.

Inpeloto’s mission: Keeping it conscious by harmonizing social actions while being world relevant through social transformation by implementing infinite peace, love and togetherness for daily existence of conscious actions.

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